perhaps life is a choice
the only currency is respect
we got so caught up
we started to believe
everything happens for a reason
but do we ever wonder why?
what and who allows that to happen?
life is unpredictable
yet we choose to predict
romanticizing our endings
planning on how it should start

here I am being nostalgic
this is the same place
these are the same people
i once had a life with
i still do
the present reminds me
i can only cherish the past
of course the past was once present
did I know this was going to happen?

getting all fuzzed up with cheap wine
trying to ink my brain with memories
but what I got in return?
paving space for blankness
what made me? desire? choice?
or was it just thing got out of control?
question of worth remains unknown

you’ve changed, they said
grateful grin was my reply
truth to be told
they had nail in the head
what is left of me?
ashes to ashes! dust to dust!

we don’t talk like we used to
i can hear your loud silence
perhaps you’re right
life gotta keep moving
like river wanting to kiss the ocean

Author: Titiso Kour-Ara

Published by Celso Da Fonseca

I'm just a dreamer who enjoys my freedom. Freethinker, free writer, and free dream.

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